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Lunch with a Stranger: Stepping Beyond Comfort Zones

Aloha Life Vitality Community,

This past Sunday, I embarked on an eye-opening experience. The challenge was straightforward yet daring: go to a lunch place, find a stranger, and invite them to have lunch with me. The goal? By the end of the meal, know their name and phone number.

I thought this would be easy. And as I approached nearly 10 people, each had a genuine excuse: they were with someone, had to go, or didn’t have enough time. Each “no” was accompanied by a smile and kindness, keeping my spirits high.

Just when I was starting to feel the sting of rejection, a voice said, “I will have lunch with you.” I turned to see a lovely person who had been observing my efforts and decided to take a chance.

We sat down, and over soup and juice, I learned about her wonderful life, her beloved dogs, her upcoming trips to Europe, and her time in LA. It felt like we were long-time friends. When we parted ways, I was blown away by the connection we had made.

This exercise taught me so much. I discovered that I’m a friendly person who thrives on the unknown. I learned that people are inherently kind and that strangers are simply friends we haven’t met yet. Most importantly, I realized how much there is to discover when we step out of our comfort zones.

Not only did I meet my “lunch buddy,” I also met other kind souls who politely declined my invitation. I went home on cloud nine, filled with gratitude for the experience.

I challenge you to do this! Go out, invite a stranger to lunch, and report back. What did you discover about yourself? What did you discover about others?

Stay vibrant and connected!

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