Our team

Meet Aloha Hospitality Professionals.

AlohaHP consists of a senior team that brings over 30 years of staffing expertise to every client. We unite experts in every area of clerical, light industrial, and hospitality work. Our unified vision is to produce exceptional work experiences, every client, every time.

Lisa Marana

Chief of Staff

Lisa is the backbone of our organization, ensuring a smooth transition for our talented temporary team members into each company. Her meticulous care and confidence-building pave the way for successful first days on the job and contribute to the personal and professional growth of our team.

Kyler Edginton

Account Executive

Kyler serves as the vital link connecting our clients to a pool of talented temporary team members. His dedication to addressing our clients’ needs, whether for a day, a few months, or permanently, is unmatched. Kyler’s passion for round-the-clock service ensures our clients receive top-notch support 24/7.

Ian Boyle

Senior Staffing Manager

Ian is the mastermind behind our staffing operations, expertly orchestrating the placement of staff to meet our clients’ needs. His commitment to ensuring that our temporary team members perform at their best and are always available when needed is unwavering.

Loraine Timoshik


Loraine is a dedicated professional who sources, vets, and places numerous individuals in life-changing jobs across Hawaii. As AlohaHP’s Aloha Ambassador, she represents the company at conferences, schools, and workforce development programs. Loraine shares her inspiring journey of overcoming immense obstacles to illustrate the potential within each person. Her positive energy and “can-do” attitude infuse our workplace with enthusiasm and optimism, making every day a joy to be a part of.

Adel Manalo

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Adel is an accomplished Talent Acquisition Specialist at AlohaHP with over 11 years of experience in recruitment and talent acquisition. She excels in both internal and external hiring, managing stakeholder relationships, and overseeing the entire hiring and onboarding process. Adel’s expertise and dedication ensure that AlohaHP consistently attracts and retains top talent. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Adel brings exceptional communication and customer service skills to her role. Her ability to connect with people and understand their needs is exceptional. A single mom of two daughters, Adel is driven by her faith and finds strength in the belief that she “can do all this through Him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13). Her unwavering positivity and commitment to her work inspire everyone around her.

Chey Louise Porto

Office Administrator

Chey Louise Porto is the glue that holds everything together at AlohaHP. A rare individual who excels in both left-brain analytical tasks and right-brain creative endeavors, Chey tackles tiny tasks brilliantly while also discussing and implementing the company’s vision with ease. She is dedicated to promoting an organized and efficient office environment for her coworkers and the employees who are part of the AlohaHP team. Chey’s approach to work fosters a positive atmosphere, driven by her creativity and passion for helping others.

Kathleen L. Hurtubise

founder and CEO

With more than 20 years of experience, Kat has established AlohaHP as a pioneering staffing agency in hospitality, administrative, and light industrial sectors. Her leadership is marked by a passion for innovation, intuition, and a commitment to service, fostering a culture of continuous learning within her teams.

At AlohaHP, our vision is clear: we empower individuals to excel both at work and in life. With our dedicated team, including Lisa, Ian, Kyler, and Loraine, our mission is to support the companies we serve and the individuals we deploy to those companies, fostering success and prosperity