Life Vitality: Kat’s Reflections

Lunch with a Stranger: Stepping Beyond Comfort Zones Aloha Life Vitality Community, This past Sunday, I embarked on an eye-opening experience. The challenge was straightforward yet daring: go to a lunch place, find a stranger, and invite them to have lunch with me. The goal? By the end of the meal, know their name and […]
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Life Vitality: 3 Favorite Books

Summer is in full swing and we want to extend to you suggestions for some of our favorite books. Each one has brought opportunity for growth. Why share suggestions for summer reading? We believe that sharing our favorite media with you will grant you the opportunity to expand your horizons in directions you didn’t know […]
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Community Calendar: July

Here at AlohaHP we are committed to creating a thriving and supportive community. A community is a unit with shared characteristics. Learning, growing, and developing is the pulse of the Life Vitality blog that characterizes and defines our unique community. We want to encourage all of our people to find other ways to connect. Connection […]
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Life Vitality: Take a Breath

The Breath:  The Incredible Giver of Life AlohaHP is deeply honored to partner with Tommy Rosen, an internationally renowned yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert. Tommy has been interviewed by President Clinton, Deepak Chopra, and many others. His podcast “In The Circle” hit #6 in the Mental Health category on Apple Podcasts in 2023. In […]
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The Gap and the Gain book cover

Unlocking Success with “The Gap and The Gain”: A Simple Daily Exercise

Feeling stuck in the daily grind? Dan Sullivan’s book, “The Gap and The Gain,” offers a game-changing exercise to help you see real progress. Here’s a quick guide to boost your sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated.  Celebrate Your Wins Daily  Every night, 30 minutes before bed:  Why This Works  Start Today  Set your […]
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Tommy Rosen

Breaking Free: Transform Your Life with Tommy Rosen 

Meet Tommy Rosen, a world-renowned teacher who has guided countless individuals, including myself, on their journey to living their best lives.  Tommy’s wisdom and guidance are unparalleled, and I am thrilled to announce that he’s leading a 6-week transformational journey starting this Saturday.  Recently, I sat down with Tommy to discuss the course and its benefits for […]
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