Life Vitality: Take a Breath

The Breath:  The Incredible Giver of Life

AlohaHP is deeply honored to partner with Tommy Rosen, an internationally renowned yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert. Tommy has been interviewed by President Clinton, Deepak Chopra, and many others. His podcast “In The Circle” hit #6 in the Mental Health category on Apple Podcasts in 2023.

In this week’s Life Vitality blog, Tommy takes you through the incredible power of breath.

This transformational breathwork has been incorporated into AlohaHP’s proprietary onboarding program – Aloha Academy. This best-in-class training and development program provides all temporary workers with the exclusive opportunity to gain invaluable skills even before they are deployed to work with our clients across Hawaii in the hospitality, administrative, and light industrial sectors.

We invite you to enjoy Tommy Rosen’s incredible video now:

Long Deep Breath Meditation: Experience 11 minutes of deep breathing that will profoundly shift your mood and mental state. 

Live. Grow. Develop.

“Learning Tommy’s breathing technique has transformed my daily life. With each breath I feel a profound sense of calm and focus take over me. This simple yet powerful practice has alleviated my stress and enhanced my overall well-being, allowing me to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and clarity.”

– Lisa Marana, Chief of Staff 

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