Embrace Challenges for Growth and Awareness 

Last week, we delved into Dan Sullivan’s book, “The Gap and The Gain,” which emphasizes turning challenges into stepping stones. Dan’s philosophy teaches us that embracing failure is essential for business growth. 

Inspired by this, I’ve embarked on a 90-day intensive PSI course to experience challenges, expand my mindset, and discover my blind spots. This journey is about learning, growing, and finding new ways to develop AlohaHP as a unique staffing agency across Hawaii and beyond. Back in 2002, I took the Basic PSI Seminar, which led to the founding of my company in 2003. The 80+ concepts and tools from the seminar have been foundational to my success. 

From my own experience, I see the profound benefit of embracing challenges to foster growth and greater awareness. I invite you to get truly excited when you face obstacles—they point the way to your greater awareness and ultimate growth. PSI Seminar was, and still is, a powerful tool for illuminating areas of my growth. You can learn more about this transformative course here.

What tools do you use to highlight areas where you can grow and bloom? 

Stay Curious, 

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